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Chris Schaft

"COVID-19 is causing practitioners to suspend face to face visits. This post will help those with Wix based websites to add a message to the header."

COVID-19 is changing how we need to do business. We need to communicate more and get the word out. Our websites are one of the best ways to get the word out about your office hours during the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing.

Get the message out!

COVID-19 is forcing everyone to change how they are practicing. Face to face visits, office visits, and other physical interactions are simply not going to be possible while we figure out how to deal with this. Because of this, we need to communicate with our patients and clients to let them know what our new office policies are and how we can help them.

This video is a very short, easy to understand set of instructions on how to create a message in the header of your website that will tell users about your office policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any practitioner that is looking to suspend face to face visits can put this on their Wix based website easily in just a few minutes.

Please do this today if you routinely visit patients in your office or face to face. Distance and communication are the two best weapons we have to fight this virus. Stay safe, and thank you for watching this video.


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