AAPPSPA Interact Guidelines


Shira Kirsh

"[Interact] It is a way for full members to communicate with each other when there are clinical and business questions or comments. There is almost always a quick response from our helpful members if you should need advice or information."

This presentation is a must read for anyone that wants to use AAPPSPA Interact.

AAPPSPA Interact Etiquette Presentation by Shira Kirsh

Do you want to get the most out of being an AAPPSPA member? Being a part of AAPPSPA Interact is the way to do it. By being an AAPPSPA member you are allowed to join Interact, our Gmail Listserv that connects you with hundreds of other AAPPSPA members and allows you to communicate and ask questions.

If you are looking to have a voice in our organization, this is the perfect place to start. However, there are essential rules and guidelines that you need to follow. This easy to read presentation goes over the critical etiquette points required of all Interact participants.

Follow these guidelines when posting to responding within Interact and you will find that AAPPSPA is one of the most helpful and useful organizations you have ever joined. Download this today and get started.


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