Christopher Schaft

Christopher Schaft is the owner and founder of Virtuops, an MKAdvantage Company. Chris has 26 years of IT experience at all levels of management in the military and civilian sector.

VirtuOps has revolutionized websites for SLPs and other therapy based businesses by incorporating the VirtuOps Digital Assistant and the VirtuOps Pilot automation platform into their web presence. SLPs can save thousands of dollars a year by taking back control of a cutting edge, professional website that performs everyday tasks that would normally be done for a fee by a person. Therapists can also process HIPAA compliant forms, have an automated professional directory, curated content automation, scheduling, and much more right in their website with VirtuOps.

Website Tips and Tricks

In this presentation I will show you how to use several FREE tools to make your website shine! You won't need a web designer or any special skills. You can make movies, edit photos, animate website objects, and much more! We will include practical demonstrations and have take home literature that will be available for future reference.


PO Box 252 
Granville, NY 12832

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