Craig Goldslager

Graig Goldslager, CExP & MBA, is married to Speech Pathology. Literally.
As the husband of a practicing SLP, Craig knows the practice and business landscape of Speech Pathology has changed significantly in the recent past. The financial implications of being an SLP has changed as well. In 2019, he founded Utterly Financial to help SLP private practice owners become better educated, prepared, and organized for the financial implications of being a business owner.

Investing Matters: Empowering You for Financial Freedom By Learning the Rules of the Game

This seminar covers five simple strategies for investment success. These include diversifying one's portfolio, learning the why and how inflation and volatility occur over time, and why not emotionally reacting to the latest headlines is key to long-term investment success. This presentation will also discuss overlooked planning strategies to avoid overpaying taxes.


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