It was 1965. Talking about the business side of healthcare was considered taboo. A group of speech-language pathology and audiology visionaries knew that the practices they were creating solved a community need, but they yearned for a connection to other leaders who were developing their own business side. With that mission in mind, “The Academy” was founded, setting the foundation for future leaders and visionaries to connect, grow, and share. Today, AAPPSPA remains the only non-profit professional group led solely by volunteers that supports and encourages the mission of SLP and AUD private practice owners. Our members know there is common practice, but we strive for best practice. We, as did our founders, discovered connected leadership within the bonds of AAPPSPA /aepsp^/.


AAPPSPA’s Mission Enhances the Mission of All Our Members by:

  • Fostering the highest ideals and principles of private practice in speech pathology and audiology, including our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in our profession.
  • Providing a support culture for interaction and communication among those in private practice.
  • Creating and elevating professional standards among those in private practice.
  • Providing ongoing interaction relevant to the private practitioner.
  • Influencing legislation and policy related to speech pathology and audiology.

*AAPPSPA By-Laws are available upon request.