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Function Focus Academy
Function Focus Academy provides specialized education for Speech-Language Pathologists, Registered Dental Hygienists, Dentists, MDs, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists (By admission)
All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy
I am Lori Melnitsky and own All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy. We specialize in stuttering therapy for children and adults in NY, NJ, PA, MA, FL, CA, CT. We provide tele health and customized programs led by a SLP who overcame stuttering.
Bearcat Billing Service
Bearcat Billing Service has established itself as a valuable partner to the small and mid-size practices. Many of our clients are similar to the members of AAPPSPA - sole practitioners that provide excellent care to their patients that also don't have the time and/or staff to successfully bill themselves. If this scenario is all too familiar please don't hesitate to reach out to our office - please mention that you are an AAPPSPA member!
Dock Health
HIPAA-compliant task management built by healthcare providers, for providers
Capture, assign, track and complete administrative tasks that get healthcare done.
Dove Development & Consulting
Whether it’s a large group or a small executive team, our objective is to always provide practical tools that can be applied quickly and simply so the entire organization achieves a tangible return on investment!

In addition to the curriculum we’ve put together based on nearly 50 years of combined experience, as well as the world-class content we’re licensed to deliver, we put very intentional thought into each possible way we can position the organization’s we work with in positive light with their current team members, perspective team members, customers and clients, and the community they serve.
Frank Kitchen
My name is Frank Kitchen. I work with Organizations who want their People to break through mental and physical barriers to Live the Dreams they Hunger for!
Hamaguchi Apps
Developed by Patti Hamaguchi, MA, CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist
Test-driven by our staff and clients!
User-friendly enough for parents
Extra practice strengthens speech, language and auditory skills! Many specially designed for children with autism spectrum disorders.
Design features and format sought after by speech-language pathologists
Provides a fun way for children to learn and improve their communication skills.
Kids First Communication
Our clinic works to give your child the means to communicate their wants and needs, their thoughts and ideas, their dreams and hopes. Whether we are building intelligibility, increasing their language, developing an alternative to spoken words, or learning to understand the social messages around us, our goal is to make your child an effective communicator at home, school, and in their community.
Pearson Publishing
Over 300 clinical and classroom assessments such as BASC™-3, aimsweb®Plus and Q-global®
Practice Perfect EMR & Management Software
Practice Perfect EMR maintains clinical records, monitors Accounts Receivable, tracks payment promises, automates schedules & waiting lists, reminds patients electronically about their upcoming appointments, alerts you to non-compliant patients, reports on outcome statistics, tracks referral sources, and evaluates clinician productivity & key operational benchmarks. Ensure completion of easily-entered daily notes and charges. Go paperless, store client documents for easy retrieval, and enjoy fully-customizable documentation. Automated texting campaigns to clients help you find lost revenue! Our Client Portal includes patient registration, forms and document exchange, online booking, and bill payment. Lower your costs and visit www.practiceperfectemr.com to book your demo!
Simply Communication
Simply Communication, Ltd. provides speech, language, feeding, and myofunctional therapy for patients of all ages 0 – adult. Simply Communication, Ltd. is located in Roselle and is comprised of speech language pathologists who are specifically educated to meet the needs of their client base. All of our therapists have received extra education in orofacial myofunctional therapy.
Super Duper
Super Duper Publications specializes in creating fun, ready-to-use resources for SLPs, OTs, teachers, & parents. Free Shipping on Tests! Check out the digital library with thousands of activities! Visit the website to see all of our books, games, and card decks.
Talk It Rock It
Talk It Rock It was created to enhance the speech and language skills of children through exciting and verbally enticing songs. These songs are fun for all kids, not only those who may show a delay in communicating.

Our songs are uniquely embedded with specific speech and language goals. Written by a speech-language pathologist, each song is packed with speech and language techniques, and children enjoy practicing these songs while they build their communication skills. We believe learning is fun!
Talk Tools
To make a contribution to the world by improving the lives of those with disabilities and their families.

These are the values that drive our decision making process and help us carry out our mission.

We are committed to providing the best services and quality of products to our customers. Our business is based on openness and honesty with our customers and employees.

We understand the power of learning from our competitors and we seek opportunities to partner with other leaders in the industry to improve our services and products.

To create systems, programs and tools that help those with speech disabilities have a better quality of life and help the oral speech therapy industry grow and move forward through clinically proven techniques.

Through constant efforts to improve existing products and develop new tools to meet emerging needs, TalkTools® has positioned itself as a primary worldwide source for oral placement, sensory, and feeding therapy supplies.

As the primary worldwide source for oral placement, sensory, and feeding therapy supplies, TalkTools® encourages continuous development of skills and expertise through training workshops to better serve our customers.
The Orofacial Complex
This course will provide the participant a comprehensive understanding of the foundations in orofacial myology. Parameters will include developmental anatomy/physiology, dental, speech, medial etiologies, diagnostics, treatment planning, habit elimination, ethical scope of practice considerations and the didactic interaction of the orofacial complex from birth.
The Private Practice Coach
I founded The Private Practice Coach to assist service-based entrepreneurs, just like you, to realize your dreams. Whether you are looking to reclaim control of your practice and achieve your goals…are looking to enter the world of private practice and want to get your practice up and running...or want to uplevel your practice, I can assist.

You deserve the private practice and life of your dreams. Together we can move your practice to the next level.
The Social Coach LLC
The Social Coach, LLC provides coaching to families and professionals who support children and teens with social challenges. Through my 1:1 coaching sessions I work with speech-language pathologists to bring innovative programming to their practices. If you are ready to elevate your business to the next level, reach out and schedule a Complimentary Chat with Sue



Therapy Consortium Inc.
Located right in the heart of Myrtle Beach, SC with a satellite office in North Myrtle Beach, we have been serving clients up and down the Grand Strand in Horry and Georgetown counties for over 10 years. Additionally, we have contractors all across the state of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina. Our licensed team of professionals provide knowledgeable support to both the families and children they serve. With weekly updates and thorough recommendations, families leave knowing exactly how they can continue to support their children at home.
We truly are the One Stop for all your child’s therapy needs.